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Special Packaging Options and Private Label

Order your Oregon Coffee Roaster arabica coffees, loose leaf teas and candies in pre-packaged, retail ready packaging, customized with labels reflecting your company’s contact information and logo. Keep your customers coming back to YOU!

A variety of sizes and packaging types are available in addition to our standard poly bags. Choose from…

3lb – 5lb pound one-way valve bags. For those ordering more than a week’s worth of coffee at a time or for marketing larger bulk sizes under your own brand, these attractive matte black bags with clear view strips on each side are the perfect application. A one-way degassing valve ensures the bag won’t burst from the fresh coffee but won’t allow oxygen back into the bag until it is first opened.

8 – 12 – 16oz colored one-way valve bags. We can package your choice of coffees or bulk teas in these bags. Coffee can be whole bean or ground. Grinding and private label are included at no additional charge. Choose from translucent clear (great for bulk teas), blue, gold, hunter green, silver, black, red, copper, lime green, burgundy/brown, champagne, purple and pink.  Great for gift baskets also.  These same sizes are available in a fully biodegradeable bag for a small additional charge.

Natural paper bags are lined in polypropylene with a tin tie closure. They are available in packs of 100 for you to package from your bulk products or we can pre-package your coffee or tea for you. Available in 1/2lb or 1lb sizes.

Two ounce, pre-ground coffee and tea in fancy foil bags are available in nine colors (gold, silver, red, blue, white, black, purple, green and copper). Great for gift baskets or impulse buys. You choose the coffee or tea. We do the work. On large orders, please allow extra time for your order.

Coffee Service Packs are pre-measured, pre-ground coffee in tear-open foil packs, available in gold, black, red or silver. Each bag makes one pot. You choose the coffee and we’ll do the work. Great for office use or sample sizes. On large orders, please allow extra time for processing your order.

Cordial Tubes are clear tubes filled with your choice of chocolate covered espresso beans* and labeled with clear OCR labels or customized with your logo. Each tube holds approximately3oz of candy. *Available in Dark, Milk, White, Cinnamon, Twist and Red/Green mix (seasonal). Chocolate covered dried cherries or blueberries can be packaged in clear, 1/4lb pillows. Have them available in a basket near the register for a great impulse buy.

Accent any of these packaging options with our Oregon Coffee Roaster label or we will private label with your name and logo at no extra charge. A small one-time setup fee applies. Grinding of coffee, if requested, is included at no additional charge.